Client Testimonials

Below are few of our latest testimonials from the events, function, and parties I photographed over the last few weeks. Stay tuned for more and feel free to contact me if any questions. Thanks again for visiting Eric Teoh Photography.

I got Eric’s contact through a recommendation from one of my friends and couldn’t be happier with the results for my 30th birthday party. Thanks again! ~ Jess, Jan 2017

I found Eric on this website and really like his portfolio images, thus decided to give me a try for my engagement party. The photos were absolutely beautiful! He also made a trip down to our place to pass us the USB, something we are grateful. Thanks again! ~Lauren, Jan 2017

I had Eric to photograph my son’s christening, and they were really amazing! Couldn’t be happier with the results! Thanks so much! ~ Katrina, Feb 2017

I saw Eric’s portfolio and was very impressed, thus recommended him to one of my friends. The photos for my 30th birthday party was equally beautiful! Thanks again for capturing the memories! ~ Jessica, Feb 2017

Both my mom and myself found Eric and like his portfolio images. The photos for my 13th birthday party with my friends were beautiful and we had a great time. Thanks again! ~ Abby, Mar 2017

I had Eric photographed our company’s awards night and the photos were amazing! Thanks again for the memories! ~ Po, Mar 2017

Eric photographed my 18th birthday and the photos were amazing! I really like them and thanks for the memories! ~ Carley, Apr 2017

I found Eric from the website and had him photograph our 50th anniversary for our hockey club. The photos were great and Eric was professional throughout the process. Thanks again! ~ Deb, Apr 2017

I found Eric to photograph my son’s 21st birthday and he did a wonderful job. I will recommend him to my friends! ~ Kiti, Apr 2017

I had Eric to photograph my 21st birthday party, via an events coordinator. The photos were amazing and I’m truly impressed! I will recommend him if you need a party photographer! ~ Mia, Apr, 2017

I just started my events business and needed someone to photograph my launch party, and I’m glad to have Eric as one of my supplier whom specialises in event photography. The photos from my launch party were amazing and I’m stoke! Thanks so much for the memories! ~ Abby, May 2017

Eric photographed my engagement party, and it was a night to remember. The photos were truly stunning and couldn’t ask for anymore! Thanks Eric! ~ Sandra, May 2017

We found Eric on this website and we were glad we went ahead with him for our product launch. Thanks again Eric! ~Tony, May 2017

Eric photographed my 21st birthday and the photos turned out really good! I love those candid shots as well as my family photos! It was a great night to remember! ~ Ashleigh, June 2017

We had a brand re-launch and had Eric photograph our new milestone. The photos turned our great! Thanks again Eric! ~ Hayley, June 2017

Eric photographed my 21st birthday and it was an awesome night to remember! My friends and I absolutely love the photos! I’m so glad I had a professional photographer instead of using my Iphone! ~ Hayley, June 2017

We were promoting one of our company’s supplier’s product, with a live feed overseas for our customers. The photos were amazing and really did offer another perspective of our promotion. Thanks so much! ~ Jessica, June 2017

Our sister company recently launch their boutique store and had Eric to photograph it, and he did just an amazing job as my company’s launch! Thanks so much! Will be in contact again! ~ Abby, June 2017

I had Eric to photograph my daughter’s 21st birthday and the photos turned out amazingly well! Thanks again for capturing the memories! ~ Jane, July 2017

We had Eric photograph our company’s events last year and we really like the photos taken by him, thus we contacted him again this year. The staff remembered him and were so glad to have their photos taken! Thanks again! ~ Claudia, July 2017

Eric is friendly and easy going  and it was a pleasure to have him photograph our night. Our guest commented on how busy our photographer was throughout the night and this showed in the many wonderful moments Eric was able to capture during our event! Thanks Eric! ~ Jess, Aug 2017

Eric photographed my 21st birthday party and I’m so happy with how the photos turned out! My friends were also happy with quality of the photos and will print some of them out! Thanks Eric! ~ Claudia, Aug 2017

We had Eric again after the great job he did recently, this time with an open house for our new care facility. Photos turned out just as good as previous events. Thanks again Eric! ~ Cynthia, Aug 2017

Eric was busy throughout the night and he did an amazing job of capturing my 21st birthday party! I had a great and long night and will remember these memories for a long time! ~ Tori, Sep 2017

It was a night to remember and we had a huge night where both families came together to celebrate our engagement party. Photos were amazing and we all had a lot of fun! Thanks so much for capturing the memories! ~ Ashlee, Sep 2017

We had a budget to stick to and wanted to have a cocktail party for our company. Eric did a great job and we love the photos from the night. Thanks again! ~ Thomas, Sep 2017

I had Eric booked way in advance and he did not disappoint! It was one of our very important nights for our company, and the photos turned our great! Thanks so much! ~ Step, Sep 2017

Both my partner and I decided to do a photo shoot before we left Adelaide as we had great memories here. Eric did a fantastic job and couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much! ~ Fiona, Oct 2017

Eric was professional throughout the time we have him, and I’m so glad to have him photograph our civil wedding! The photos are absolutely beautiful and I would recommend Eric! ~ Vanessa, Nov 2017

The christening photos taken by Eric were beautiful and gorgeous! I’m so happy for the memories! ~ Ashlee, Nov 2017

Eric was amazing and really like the photos he captured through his portfolio images, and photographing my 21st birthday was equally amazing! Thanks so much! ~ Jasmin, Nov 2017

One of my students organised the year end party and I’m truly impressed with who he found, as Eric did an amazing job capturing the unforgettable night we had! Thanks so much for the memories! ~ Jack, Dec 2017

I managed to find Eric to photograph our xmas party and it was amazing! Thanks so much for the memories! ~ Danielle, Dec 2017

Eric did a great job for my birthday party and had him again to photograph my company’s xmas party and it was an amazing night to remember. Thanks so much for the memories again Eric! ~ Jessica, Dec 2017

Eric recently photographed my 25th birthday party and the quality of the photos were simply amazing! Really captured the feel of the party with great candid shots as well as beautiful posed shots! Very happy with the photos and will be using him again! Highly recommended!” ~ Jovita, Sep 2016  

Eric’s work have been fantastic and the quality of the photos were really sharp and captured the important moments of the awards ceremony. If you need a photographer, I highly recommend him! You won’t be disappointed!!” ~ Sara, Sep 2016

Eric photographed my engagement party and the photos were simply amazing! Eric was professional and accommodating to our various requests throughout the night and was very well received by my guests. Highly recommended and will definitely be in contact for my dad’s 60th next year! Thanks Eric!” ~ Lucy, Oct 2016  

We had a massive celebration for my engagement party and am glad to have Eric photograph it! The photos were simply amazing and I love those candid shots! Eric was professional throughout and was accommodating to give his time even after the initial hire hours were up. There was some miscommunication, but it worked out well in the end due to Eric’s professionalism. Thank you so much Eric and will definitely be contacting you again!!” ~ Tiffany, Oct 2016

I found Eric on PartySnapper and am so glad to have him photographed our family day celebrations! The photos were simply amazing and we are all very happy with the professionalism Eric portrayed. Highly recommended and will definitely be in contact again for his services!” ~ Snezana, Nov 2016, 2016 

We had an annual Christmas function for our organisation and I’m so glad to have Eric photographed our function! The photos were simply amazing and really captured the interactions with the guests and speaker. Highly recommended!!” ~ Charmaine, Nov 2016

I was simply amazed with the turnaround time taken to produce the beautiful photo album! I wasn’t expecting it till after Christmas! Eric was professional throughout the day and the photos he took were really beautiful! Many of my friends asked for his contact, and I gladly gave it to them. I will definitely be contacting him for future jobs!!” ~ Susie, Nov 2016  

I booked Eric probably 4 mths in advance before my engagement party in McLaren Hills. I’m very impressed with Eric’s professionalism throughout and my guests really enjoyed his presence and willingly posed for him! I’m really happy with the image quality from the photos and love them! I’m so happy and will highly recommend Eric to anyone who needs a photographer!” ~ Kate, Nov 2016

The photos were simply amazing and I was very impressed how quick the turnaround time was – just 1 day and it was ready on Monday! Unbelievable! Photos were really beautiful and love all of them. I love how Eric photographed all the various decorations and it was very well done! I will happily recommend Eric to anyone!” ~ Lisa, Nov 2016 

I found Eric and I’m so glad to have him photographed my daughter’s 21st birthday party! Photos were simply superb and gorgeous and I’m so happy! My guests simply loved to have Eric photographed them and he was equally accommodating to all of our requests! Highly skilled and professional and will definitely be using him again! Thanks Eric” ~ Deb, Dec, 2016

Eric recently photographed our engagement party and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We received the photos within 2 days of our party! Eric took beautiful photos and was also excellent at snapping special moments between guests without them knowing, which produced a beautiful natural feel to the photos. I would highly recommend him!” ~ Ellen and Luke, September 2016 

“Eric photographed my daughters 21st birthday party and he was absolutely brilliant. Eric’s professionalism on the night was exceptional. Many of my guests commented on this. When the photos were delivered 2 days after the event, WOW! they were amazing shots. I will definitely contact Eric for my next function. Thanks again Eric, so glad we did business.” ~Racheal, Aug 2016

“Thank you Eric so much for photographing my son’s 21st. Your professional approach was outstanding and you were a hit to everyone and really made the party fun, I hope we were not too bossy 😉 Photos were simply amazing, just wow!! We have been asked by a few people at the party for your details so I’d say you’ll be seeing a bit more of us yet 😉 ~Kim, Aug 2016

“I chanced upon Eric’s website and saw his beautiful portraits and I knew that I have to get him to do my photo shoot. Professional and accommodating, he was able to fulfill a particular look I was trying to achieve. Really impressed with the photos!! Will definitely be contacting him again!” ~Shady, Aug 2016

“I booked Eric for my baby shower in advance and had a feel of the photos what I’ll be getting by viewing his portfolio images. I was not disappointed. The photos were simply beautiful! Thanks for capturing such an important event in my life! Highly recommended! ~ Kiara, August 2016 

“Eric photographed my mum’s 60th birthday. The photos were simply gorgeous and stunning. We highly recommend Eric! ~ Adele, July 2016

“I hired Eric for our beautiful daughter’s first birthday. He is friendly and professional, and the photos we got back were simply stunning and capture her birthday beautifully! We’re incredibly happy and recommend Eric to anyone who needs a photographer for their event! ~ Francine, July 2016 

“Eric photographed my wife’s 40th surprise birthday party in Adelaide. He arrived early and was flexible on extending his availability. Relaxed, easy going, and professional. I would recommend Eric to anyone needing a party photographer.“ ~Benjamin, July 2016

“Gorgeous and stunning photos! You better save my number because I will contact you for our future events! Professional photos at a good price. My little daughter will fondly look back on all these beautiful photos! Highly recommended!” ~Aya, July 2016

“Amazing and beautiful photos! Will surely keep you in mind for our future corporate events – especially this Christmas!” ~Karen, July 2016

“Eric is a professional photographer who is very friendly and approachable, even my photo phobic friends were happy to be in my photos! Highly recommended!!” ~ Dr Margaret, April 2016